Yet another successful love

The weekend just passed was so much special for me. Me and LS had gone to Kerala to witness another love marriage, which in fact was very much special for me. Rakesh and Priya, who were my classmates at UIT during my UG, were in love for 8 years. In this time of datings and break ups, 8 years doesn’t seems to be a big time!!??? They should be model for all the lovers I guess. I can even see his father was very much proud and telling “isn’t it worth appreciable“??

Apart from witnessing that beutiful moment, I was most interested in meeting the old friends. Apart from Deepak, CO and valiyettan everyone were there. Meeting all of them, after such a long gap was indeed a great moment for me. Everyone remains the same apart from the thing that all are self earning. 🙂 Akkachi, Oolan and Bygine have got no change in these 8 years. Kalippu seems to be more professional. Infact I guess he wants to be looked as professional.

I was meeting Abhi after a long time. I still remembers the type of close relationship we used to share at MG College for Pre-Degree. We, Anish and Vimal used to be a gang who once thought were inseparable. But when time passed, I can see literally all 4 of us in 4 different parts of the world. Yet I think we have that friendship fresh in mind and this may be the reason why these guys are really special to me.

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