Am I Worried!!???

Smiling faces everywhere… This was the environment of my workspace some two-three months ago. I wonder where all these smiling faces went? People rarely smiles now. I can see a serious plot of worry in almost all faces around me. Ha! With so many news coming out regarding lay-offs from everywhere, everyday, how can anyone be seen smiling, na? Even though Indian companies hadn’t started any layoffs as of now, everybody thinks that those days are not that far. At every corner of the office I can see people murmuring about some rumours. Yes, rumours!!! Daily am hearing many such rumours. Each time I hear such rumour, unknowingly I will pray to god that let the rumour be rumour itself. What else I can do? When the dirty face of recession become more and more vulgar, aren’t prayers the only option left with us? Am I also worried? To be frank, yes, I am

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