Double Strike

India, in fact the whole world was already been crumbled in the hand of  recession, and to make the situation more worse, here comes the terror fright also. This recession had already stopped majority of people from going to pubs, malls or cinemas every weekend. After the mumbai Taj terror attack, people are hardly going to these places anymore. Income of multiplexes had already gone several percentages down. Above that the warning of another terror attack in major cities like Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai had add more fear in people’s mind. Whenever going out, people are checking the surroundings more carefully for a possible bomb or a militant with AK-47. Nobody is ready to take a risk of life and wants to enjoy the feel of safety they will get by remaining closed in their own houses. What a drastic situation this is!!! Isn’t there a stop for this? We need to see where the combo “recession + terror” will take India in the coming days.

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