Nail Biting Match

There is nothing so boring like spending a weekend closed inside the house. But considering our decision of cost cutting and also due to the terror fear, me and LS had decided to stay at our house only. Thanks for the cable TV that put lots of films which helped me stay alive all through this weekend.

I was waiting for the EPL matches to start so that the boring weekend become more lively. It was Sundarland against ManU and Bolton against Chelsea. It were almost an easily predictable matches. But I wanted ManU to beat Sundarland with high margin and Bolton to do some miracle at Stamford Bridge like what they did last year at Old Trafford.

Again ManU playing a match at Midnight IST. Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal had completed their matches before that and ours were a late kick off match. Arsenal escaping with one goal, Liverpool finishing with 3-1 and shit man, Chelshits won with a comfortable 2-0. Now I felt the pressure. Anyway I had my belief in SAF and his boys.

The match was absolutely one sided. In the 90 minutes Sundarland were able to cross the half line for a maximum of 5 times. ManU played brilliantly and passed superbly. I wondered why Tevez not in the starting line up even after his 4-goal haul against Blackburn at Carling Cup. Sundarland playing extremely defensive way and were not at all trying to attack. Rooney, Ronaldo and Berba were trying hard to finish it off. It was reaching 90 mins and still 0 – 0. 😦 I really got tensed about the mails we ManU fans will get from the Chelshits fan. Wait Carrick is aiming for a long shot at 2nd minute of injury time. Shit yaar… it stuck the post. This day is really not ManU’s. We were too much unlucky this day. Hey there is someone in front of the post with the ball that rebounded after the long shot of Carrick. This is Vidic. He had hardly anything to do. Just touch the ball and I cant believe my eyes when the ball shook the net inside the post. Yeah, We had got it. We got the truly well deserved 3 points and still in title race at 3rd place. Thanks Vidic and thanks Carrick for the long range shot. We had ran across the negative fully defensive football of Sundarland with victory and 3 valuable points.

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