Waaaoh!!! What a Birthday!!!

Yesterday the score card of life showed across my name as 26 not out. Indeed its a good knock with good strike rate. But it seems like my birthday is unlucky for many others. With declarations coming out regarding lots of cost cutting measures, it should be unlucky for others. But its not new for me. My dad used to tell me that the day I born, he was pick pocketed. 😦 Then how come it will be lucky for others. When nearly a ton people got their salary cut to half, they shouldn’t be lucky anyway, right? So one more birthday of mine passed away, without any celebration,  yes!!! without any celebration. Even no sweets given also. How can I send a mail with subject, Sweets at my Desk, please help yourself, to a set of people who were sitting with a heavy head after the great recession meeting?

What’s going to happen next? Is this the same situation across industry? Then I think IT people, who were the top spenders in this garden city, will cut their spends, and eventually leading to the crash of a big growing city. And the big question, when am I going to get targetted???

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