Twenty 20!!! Ultimate Entertainment!!!

Oh Man!!! This is the ultimate film I had ever seen. I am not telling that the story is awesome, the cinematography is too good and all. But the effort taken by the director Joshiy and Producer cum Actor Dileep is worth appreciable. Assembling all the actors of current Malayalam film industry under one roof was a quite difficult job. And more than that making a story which can include all these actors, which counts nearly to 70, is quite a hectic task. The writers Uday Krishnan and Sibi K. Thomas had written the story in an awesome way. All the top actors, Mohanlal, Mammootty, Jayaram, Suresh Gopi and all should be given a fair importance in role wise which in fact the writers had done very well.

The song featuring Nayan Tara, was in fact a brilliant idea. It featured a dance bar sort of thing and the director was able to plug in a lot of stars like pritviraj, jayasoorya, kunchako boban, nayans and all… To be frank, there is nothing much great about the story, except that it packed up all those 70+ stars. But trust me, no one will fell like we lost the money. I saw the film at my hometown Trivandrum, but I felt that even if I had watched the film at some multiplex here at Bangalore, it wouldn’t have been a waste of money. Its such a great entertaining 3.15 hours.

I don’t know about how others feel, but being a big Mohanlal fan, I believe that Mohanlal is the real star in this film. Even though the producers had tried to make them equal, we can clearly see Mohanlal standing a inch ahead of Mammootty. And among all these stars Suresh Gopi was there from the starting to end of the film, that too again in a commissioner role, proving that there is nobody still in the industry to over throw him from that role.

Once again hats off to Dileep and Joshiy, and above all to the unity of the film stars of Malayalam. You guys really made us proud. Nobody here at Bangalore usually discussed about any Malayalam films, but after this twenty 20 release, believe me even my North Indian colleagues are asking about this film. This is in fact a big achievement and in short it became one more reason for me to say proudly that “yes, am a mallu” 🙂

2 thoughts on “Twenty 20!!! Ultimate Entertainment!!!

  1. Ayyedaa athinidayil koodi our kuth…..”Mohanlal standing a inch ahead of Mammootty” –athu chilapppo mohanlal high heel cherippu vallathum itirunath kond ninak thoniyathavum 🙂

    nic blogs daaa..keep it upp

    Being a mohanlal fan i should do atleast this na… thanks machooo

  2. Superstar Dileep made this ultimate entertainment possible….
    Dileepettan ki jai…………..

    But Dileep was too bad in that film, no??? Anyways the entire malayalam industry actors and actresses made this possible, i think 🙂

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