Jai Ho…

It was a proud moment for all the Indians yesterday, when there were 3 Oscar nominations for A.R.Rahman. All the news channels were praising the great lad of India, Rahman,  yesterday. The same music had grabbed him the golden globe award also last week. It was with great expectation and enthusiasm I started hearing the song today morning. To be frank I couldn’t believe my ears. I couldn’t believe that I am hearing one Rahman song.

Being a strong Rahman fan for long time, in fact from 1992 when he did his debut film Roja, I was overwhelmed by joy when I heard the news of his Oscar nominations. It was once said that, Rahman took the pledge that he will cut his hair only after winning Oscar. But hearing most of his songs, I sincerely felt several times that he should have been awarded Oscar multiple times. Roja, Puthiya Mugham, May Madham, Pavithra, Bombay, Minsaara Kanavu, Dil Se, Taal, Taj Mahal, Alaipayuthey, Kannathil Muthamittal, The Legend of Bhagath Sing, Kandukondein Kandukondein, Lagaan, Swades, Yuva, Rang De Basanthi, Jodha Akbar and many more… Lot hell of superb music from the great Mozart of Chennai. Vande mataram released part of Indian Independance’s golden Jubilee celebration was another gret work from the great maestro. These all works truly deserved huge appreciation and honour from all over the world.

But to be frank, this SlumDog Millionaire is no where near to his ever time great work. May be the Oscar Committee will not be hearing all these Hindi and Tamil Music. Since this film is outcome from one British Director, may be they considered Rahman for this award. I strongly believe that they should not only consider that factor. They should consider such great music from all parts of the world. Who knows there  may be many other Rahmans making music at different parts of this world. If they starts like that, I think Rahman will be one of the nominees ever year.

Rahman music has one factor. When you first hear the music, you will be thinking that what the hell? Is this music from the so called Mozart. But believe me, hear the music couple of more times and I bet, you will get addicted to that. That’s the paculiarity about Rahman Music. Same thing happened with me. That was the time, when Jodha Akbar music got released. I heard it once and felt like what is this guy doing. He did such a master piece work in Lagaan and Swades, which were from the same director, and he is doing such a worst music for such a  huge film. But at the end of day, I was addicted to the music and I was hearing all the songs for months.

Coming back to the Oscar, whatever the case is, still am very much happy for my music maestro Rahman, for getting nominated. Let the whole world know that even the film shows about the slums and dirtiness of India, it is having great artists and persons like Rahman. You made all of us Indians proud, Rahman. Thanks a lot for that. Jai Ho...

PS: I was hearing the slumdog millionaire songs while writing this post. My main aim for writing this was to tell that this song is not good compared to his other works. But believe me, my entire opinion had changed. This song is another master piece. Its another feather in the golden crown of the great maestro. I start liking the songs now. I told na, this is the paculiarity of Rahman music. You need to hear it couple of times to start liking it. 🙂 These songs are gonna rock.

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