Hard fought goal!!!

This happened more than three years before, when I was studying for MCA at Marian College, Kuttikkanam, Kerala. Being situated at hill range, our college has got limited play ground only. The only sports activities for us were football and cards, the later being strictly unofficial.  Sajan and Vivek(officially known as EniPoni), were the only two from our class, who played football often. Anand, Saju and Me will join them very few times. This incident happened at one of that rare days, when we went to play football, along with Sajan and Poni.

To be frank, I was a big zero in any of the sports activities even from my childhood days. I know how to play many of the games, the rules and regulations of those games and all. Then also I was not able to play well. Only sports that I can try to play are Cricket, Football and table tennis, but I consider myself at a level between intermediate and expert in playing cards. Then also am a good spectator of almost all the sports. That may be the case why I know the rules of many of the games.

I liked football from long time back, but I was becoming a great fan of football when I doing my MCA. That might be the reason, I went to play football that day also. Since obviously nobody will allow me to play me in forward or midfield position, I took the decision to play at defense, myself. We all, sajan poni saju and me,  were in the same team with me and saju playing defense and poni and sajan playing forward. Our opposite team was full of college team guys, including Manu, Jesin and Kadamba, who were in fact too good in football.

Mine and Saju’s defense strategy was simply awesome. Whenever some guy come running with ball towards our post, we will run towards him, and either push him off and clear the ball, or simply hit the ball hard and believe me, this strategy simply worked well that day. Everything was going nice and we hadn’t conceded one goal till then. We were proud of our defense. Suddenly I saw Manu, who is a well built guy, running towards me with the ball. I followed the same strategy we were following. I ran towards him and pushed him hard to throw him away. But what happened was exactly opposite. I pushed him hard, he also did the same thing and I was flying through the air literally. He threw me away from his way to open their scoring with a nice placement. 😦 I was laid down at the ground eating soil. 😛

But our Sajan and Poni were not ready to give up and we were cruising ahead. Since I got a huge setback for our defense strategy, I stopped doing that, because of which it was very easy for them to score through my wing. Since I didn’t want to taste the soil again, I just want to stop the game as early as possible. But my fate was different. Something great was waiting for me. Like Jamal told in Slumdog Millionaire, it was my destiny. Either bored of defending or not wanting to get any more punctures in my body, I decided to play forward. Our boys were playing too good at that time and were fighting hard to break the draw. Sajan was dribbling the ball well and was looking for someone to pass. I thought that to be a perfect moment and called for the pass. Suddenly Sajan shouted to move and fired a full power shot. I was still wondering why he asked me to move. But there was hardly any time to think, as I saw the ball coming to my face, in bullet speed. If my memory was right, we started with a white ball, but as it came closer and closer it became red. DDhim!!! I was struck down for the second time.

My face had became thick red color and I was feeling the pain caused by the minuscule stones at the surface of the ball. Sajan came running and all took me to side and sat me there. They might have been thinking that “thank god this a***ole will not play for sometime. 😛 But I was not ready to give up. 5 minutes and I was again spotted at the ground.

The light was going off, and hardly we could see anything. We can stop at anytime, but since it was still a draw, both the teams wanted to break it off. I was hardly playing and was waiting at the left side of the post so that if by chance I get the ball I can score it off. The time came and as I told, my destiny was reaching me. I saw Sajan giving a shot directly to me from long way. I waited for the goal, dreaming my team mates hugging me for scoring the late winner. As soon as the ball reached my leg, I twisted and give a power shot to the right. Instead of hugs which I was expecting, what I got was ‘A’ class scolding from Sajan and all. I was wondering and looked to see that, I had hit the ball outside the post. I turned back to see that I was standing right in front of post. “What the Heck!!!” I was standing at left side of the post and how come now am standing right before that. The worst part was that, Sajan aimed at direct goal from the half line in which I intercepted and kicked it away. 😛

Thanks to Sajan’s  hot theris(mallu word for abusive words) which is keeping the picture of this incident crystal clear still in my mind and I don’t think it will go away soon also. But I learnt a big lesson that day. We should do whatever post we are fit into, otherwise we may forced to eat soil 🙂

2 thoughts on “Hard fought goal!!!

  1. hahaha.. cant stop laughn.. nicely put it.

    thnkx for carryn me to thoz old sweet memories of marian footbal.. :):)

  2. ” I was standing at left side of the post and how come now am standing right before that. The worst part was that, Sajan aimed at direct goal from the half line in which I intercepted and kicked it away. 😛 ”

    I laughed alot when I read these lines 🙂 Nicely written da.

    @Bobin, thanks a lot. In fact your comment made me to read my post again, which I was written long time before. Nice feeling. 🙂

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