And here am back!!! after 2 long months gap. There were many reasons for that including personal to hi-fi technical reasons. The most and important one is that nothing was coming in my mind which was worth scribbling down. I had got bored writing blogs also. 🙂 Inspite of me being a software engineer, I neither have a computer nor a laptop in my house was another reason and more than that, to make things worse ( or good) wordpress got blocked at my work place. 😛 But even after that I was very happy to see that my blog crossed 1,000 hits even though there was no new post for two long months.

Now all of a sudden, the blogger inside me got rejuvenated after reading a couple of blogs and somehow I find a way to break into the wordpress account from workplace itself. 🙂 So here I comes with some new posts. But there comes the next problem what to post. 😦 Simply saying nothing is coming to my mind as of now, but hope that I could collect back something from my memory to scribble down. Since today am feeling too much lazy, with my manager on leave, I have got lots of time to think about that.

Once again thanks to all those visitors of my blog to find time to read these stupid craps!!!

See you all soon.

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