Rain, My Best Friend

While writing this post, rain is blasting outside my balcony. Its been quite long time, might be 3 months, since it had rained. And don’t know how much I had longed for one. Because, from the time I remember, rain has been my best friend, my first lover for sure.

In my parents’ house I had the room, which opens the window to the open terrace, and I used to watch the rain through the window, don’t know how long. The rain drop tripping over my face, sometimes rough, sometimes smooth. I always loved the feeling.

I don’t know how many people will be out there like me, who loved rain like this. May be since I am born and living in Kerala, where the monsoon starts. I remember one good friend of mine giving me a present, “Kerala, where the rain was born”. My friend knows me very much, that I love the rain.

I had a concept home, where I will have a balcony, cozy or big, but I want to spent my retirement in that home, having a coffee along a good book and the rain drops still dripping over my face.

Rain, my dear friend, I love you very much. Keep visiting me!