A Perfect Climax

In Kerala, there is an old saying that “if you are waking up from the bed in left direction, your entire day will be bad”. I don’t know about the credibility of this saying. But I think that day, me and LS should have waken up in left direction for sure. It was such a bad day for both of us.

We were enjoying our vacation at our hometown Trivandrum on the Christmas week. I often feels that staying with our parents gives us a sense of security and a joy. But that day was in fact very very bad. Till afternoon, it was not that bad, but not good also. LS got hurt herself a couple of times, I got some scolding from mom for being lazy and all. But the big climax was still to come as we decided to go out for buying some stuff for LS.

We went in my car and got a fantastic parking space at Attukal Shopping Complex, between a Hyundai Verna and Toyota Corolla. Between that two gigantic cars, my Estilo seems to be too small. Then also I was happy for getting such comfortable parking space, that too inside Fort, which is in fact one of the most busiest place at Trivandrum.

This time being Sabarimala season, there was indeed more crowd inside Fort. All those “ayyappans” from Tamil Nadu will come to fort to see the great “Padmanabha Swamy Temple “. We bought one Kerala sari for one of LS’s friend and was looking for some sandals for LS. But was not able to find any good one. Thinking to buy the same from somewhere else, we came back for taking our car back. Instead of Verna and Corolla, there was two Alto’s on both sides. Then also carefully I took reverse. Seeing my difficultly, LS told that she will go out and help me out. But I asked her to stay inside only as I was considering myself, an “expert” in driving and the nearby ones were only altos. :p  “TAK“!!! We heard one sound from back and I realized the great truth that I am still a novice in driving who don’t even know to take reverse. I should have accepted the help from LS.  I wonder why men always feels humiliated when they are offered help.

But anyway, this was not new for my Estilo. Dad’s great hobby was to create a scratch on each corner of both bumpers or on door or anywhere in the car’s body. But my dad will keep it perfectly in new shape by repainting or touching the scratched parts. For my bad luck, the back bumper was retouched on last week only. But still when I checked, it was a minor scratch only, still visible 😦 .

Anyway, we returned and on our way back, bought a pair of sandals also. We went to her house directly where they treated us with hot and sweet “payasam“. We bought one bottle full of “payasam” to my home also, so that we can end the worst day in good shape with some sweet. I went down to see that my mom was watching some stupid serial and told her that we had bought sweet for her and show her “payasam“. Ouch!!! It was a heart breaking scene of the bottle slipping from my hand and  breaking into pieces. Ohh God!!! This bad day is becoming a long day. I cleaned up the place, put all those broken glass pieces into one cover and kept it aside so that I can throw it away to some dump yard later. Just like a background music, my Mom’s scolding continued.

There was still some more hours to go before I sleep and I was wondering what will happen more this day, to become a perfect climax for probably, one of the worst day in my life. The climax was about to start only. 9:30 PM : Power went off making the whole place pitch dark, and yeah, still there are power cuts in Kerala for half an hour every night. I thought this to be the best time to throw the broken glass pieces to the nearby empty plot, so that nobody sees me. I took the cover and went outside and successfully disposed the broken glass pieces which were a part of my day. Nobody is as punctual as KSEB people and hence the power came back exactly at 10 PM.

After lunch, we were about to sleep and then only LS realized that she wants to try her sandals again. She checked the entire room and in fact the entire house and our car for the sandals, and came back to me asking “where are my sandals” 😡 We were wondering whether we had left the sandals at her home. “BANG!!!” A flash of lightning strikes me and I was wondering why this day is still running. I felt the soil below my leg being washed away, when I found the cover in which I put all those broken glass pieces, remaining intact where I had kept it. With cursing I realized that the cover I thrown away to the dump yard contains the new pair of sandals we just bought for LS 😦 . Enough is enough. I just wanted to remove 26th December 2008 from my calendar.

The perfect day thus came to a perfect end when I jumped over the wall to the empty plot, which is being used by our neighborhood as a dump yard, at late night.  After returning from the dump yard, I did not want to spend even a single second more on that day awaken. Hoping to forget all those mishaps and hoping for a better tomorrow, I went to bed. Good Night!!!