Virtual World!!!

Seeing this post, please don’t think that this guy has got no other topics to write on other than “recession“. You won’t be thinking like that if you are present at this IT city, Bangalore. The hot topic being discussed by all people, here at Bangalore is obviously “recession“. The hot news today is that “Nortel” had applied for a bail out. This will be a shocking news for several major Indian companies because big companies like Infy, Sasken, Wipro and TCS are having Nortel as one of their major client.  Its also heard that Nortel is planning for a lay-off.

Hearing all these, I have a big doubt generating inside my mind. Is the whole world running under virtual money? Many big companies are filing for bankruptcy. So where did all those profits gone, which they had earned for these all years. Is these big companies not capable of surviving even two bad quarters? Are the car manufactures like Chevrolet, who are in the industry for nearly a century, this much weak? Two – Three bad quarters and the entire company goes bankrupt??? Are the foundations of these companies this much weak? Really this is making me surprise. I was well expecting such kind of U-Turn in world economy, but was not having a single thought that it will make many industry giants bankrupt. Still the question exists, Where did those profit went?

Its time to find out who is the ultimate culprit for this economic crisis. Everyone here at Bangalore, including me, were living with a secured feeling that, the rising economy will feed us all the time. But the time had changed a lot within this last half year. News of job cuts at several companies coming out daily. That too in thousands. With the Satyam scam, another half a lakh job seekers coming to the job market, it seems like coming days are really gonna tough. If we think in other way, isn’t it funny that, some stupid Americans had took so much credit, and the whole rest of the world is affected under that. But we can’t blame them also. When there are lots of banks out there, who are ready to give you any amount of money you want, with very less proof of guarantee, everybody will take loan. Believe me, am still getting minimum 2 calls a day seeking whether I want any personal loans. When will these banks understand the truth and save this world.

The thought is still floating high in my mind. Where did all those money went, which were there six months before. So wasn’t that all Virtual Money? I hope the whole world, including me, will understand, at least now, that the whole world is running under Virtual Money. Or is it like the whole world is Virtual??? A virtual world!!!???

What if !!??

Yesterday night I was just surfing to the channels, and got stuck up with Sony Pix, who were showing some movie showing the pain Jews were forced to suffer under the great Nazi leader, Hitler. The movie was taken in such a way that we can feel the entire pain and terror the Jews had suffered at that era, just by seeing that.

Suddenly a spark of thought got ignited inside my mind and it almost froze the entire world around me. What if another world war, a third one, break out at this point of time. Already the recession had made the entire world’s life so miserable and one war above that, that too a world war, how will the world withstand that. My thoughts then took a diversion and started to think selfish. For the time being, leave the entire world, think about you, Anoop.

If a world war of such broke out at this point of time, obviously almost all IT companies will shut down. And eventually I will become jobless. I was wondering how people would have survived the previous two world wars. Anyway at both that times, British was ruling India and obviously India was not that much target for anyone. India was not in even among the names of top nations. But now after more than sixty years, the entire scenario is changed. India evolved as a key nation and thereby becoming one of the main targets. There may be very less jobs available which can earn you a living. I was thinking about what will I do if I was forced to face such a situation. The only thing I know other than coding is driving and I don’t think I can earn a living through that.

And above all, the most important thing is that we should be alive. When all countries are fighting each other to dominate one over another, who will care for the security of their fellow citizens. But I hope, this kind of scenario wont rise soon. Hopefully, the countries won’t be starting such an evil thing soon. But who knows, a new Hitler may be in the making!!???

Even the entire thought was a wild fantasy, I can feel that it was becoming serious. Whatever it is, whether it is world war or layoff, I may need to face such a situation. I will be standing at a junction thinking desperately what to do? That will be the point when I will be cursing myself to chose engineering as my career.

Waaaoh!!! What a Birthday!!!

Yesterday the score card of life showed across my name as 26 not out. Indeed its a good knock with good strike rate. But it seems like my birthday is unlucky for many others. With declarations coming out regarding lots of cost cutting measures, it should be unlucky for others. But its not new for me. My dad used to tell me that the day I born, he was pick pocketed. 😦 Then how come it will be lucky for others. When nearly a ton people got their salary cut to half, they shouldn’t be lucky anyway, right? So one more birthday of mine passed away, without any celebration,  yes!!! without any celebration. Even no sweets given also. How can I send a mail with subject, Sweets at my Desk, please help yourself, to a set of people who were sitting with a heavy head after the great recession meeting?

What’s going to happen next? Is this the same situation across industry? Then I think IT people, who were the top spenders in this garden city, will cut their spends, and eventually leading to the crash of a big growing city. And the big question, when am I going to get targetted???

Double Strike

India, in fact the whole world was already been crumbled in the hand of  recession, and to make the situation more worse, here comes the terror fright also. This recession had already stopped majority of people from going to pubs, malls or cinemas every weekend. After the mumbai Taj terror attack, people are hardly going to these places anymore. Income of multiplexes had already gone several percentages down. Above that the warning of another terror attack in major cities like Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai had add more fear in people’s mind. Whenever going out, people are checking the surroundings more carefully for a possible bomb or a militant with AK-47. Nobody is ready to take a risk of life and wants to enjoy the feel of safety they will get by remaining closed in their own houses. What a drastic situation this is!!! Isn’t there a stop for this? We need to see where the combo “recession + terror” will take India in the coming days.

Am I Worried!!???

Smiling faces everywhere… This was the environment of my workspace some two-three months ago. I wonder where all these smiling faces went? People rarely smiles now. I can see a serious plot of worry in almost all faces around me. Ha! With so many news coming out regarding lay-offs from everywhere, everyday, how can anyone be seen smiling, na? Even though Indian companies hadn’t started any layoffs as of now, everybody thinks that those days are not that far. At every corner of the office I can see people murmuring about some rumours. Yes, rumours!!! Daily am hearing many such rumours. Each time I hear such rumour, unknowingly I will pray to god that let the rumour be rumour itself. What else I can do? When the dirty face of recession become more and more vulgar, aren’t prayers the only option left with us? Am I also worried? To be frank, yes, I am

Recession Everywhere!!!

Its after some 6-7 years the word ‘Recession’ is hitting the headlines nowadays. Everyday people are getting more and more worried seeing the words recession, economic slow down, global crisis, cost cutting, job cutting in newspapers, web sites and in TV channels. Big and large economic powers like Lehman Brothers collapsed and others like AIG and even citigroup on the verge of such crisis. Government investing monies on these monetary firms to keep them alive. Is this an indication that the capital economy power “USA” is converting to a socialist country? May be this will be the beginning.

With this economic slowdown, in my point of view, one of the worst affected is the IT sector in India, in which unfortunately I am also a part of. Being a resident of great garden city Bangalore, I can clearly see the effects of this so called ‘recession’ crawling up slowly into every body’s day-to-day life. Bangalore, which was one of the major car markets in India, has now lost 50% of sales in last two months. People are not giving their cars to garage any more. Two months before I used to get stuck in traffic jams for long time on my way to office, which has now reduced for a greater bit. Since Bangaloreans has the bigger option of volvos flying through the city to all the potential IT office areas, people might have started making use of that.

Bangalore used to be a partying city. Each and every pub around MG Road and Brigade were filled with boys and girls during weekends nights after their hectic work schedule of the entire week. Now it seems like pubs are getting filled fully rarely only. People, who were spending like anything, are trying to save out maximum money and are spending each and every single penny carefully.

Big big hotels near the IT areas had cut down their buffet menu. Companies used to sponsor team lunches often to these hotels, but as a part of cost cutting it seems they had stopped or rather they had reduced such big team lunches.

All IT companies had started cost cutting in some way. They are implementing it in several ways. The measures ranges from blocking usage of desk phones to outside companies to even removing tissues in bathrooms!!! Some companies are increasing the working hours, but wait, I don’t understand the logic in that. Raising working hours from say 8 to 10 hours, in my view, the increased 2 hours wont be of any use to company. That anyway is not going to increase production for sure, but it will increase the cost. More than that companies started charging for employee transportation also. Its been heard that some companies had limited the use of coffee machines even.

Really the economic slowdown is getting worst day by day. I am witnessing its effect in IT directly, thats why am scribbling about this area. But to be frank, it getting affected in almost all sectors, from big car manufacturers to cab drivers. When will this end? If it continues like this for some more time what will the future of me? I am really getting worried these days. Why did this stupid Americans took this much mortgage loans, which is now eating up the world…