Early to bed and early to rise

It was all of a sudden that I decided to follow the great philosophy “early to bed and early to rise” for keeping one’s body and soul healthy and fresh. There were a couple of sound reasons also to take such a big decision. For a long while, my routine was just the reverse of the above said philosophy, i.e late to bed and late to rise. Late to rise means, anyway after 8:30. The important thing to note in this case is that my office time starts at 8.30 and a majority of employees would have come to office and start their work by that time. I will be still well settled under the blanket at that time. Moreover that I was fed up with the staring I used to get from my PM when I come to office with helmet in hand and jerkin on, at 10. Enough is enough and I took the big decision to bring some sort of discipline in my life 😛 . Ha Ha… Discipline!!! in my life!!! Sounds funny???

Last night I prepared mentally and physically for my change in lifestyle. Finished dinner early at 8. Switched off the TV. Now, this is the most important thing. For me, TV is the main culprit for ruining the discipline in my life. It will catch me and force me to sit in front of it for hours. If any football match is also there, then thats enough and more for me. So I considered TV as one of the main factor and managed to switch it off. Its almost 9.30 and I went to bed, dreaming to swipe the ID card at office at or before 8.30, the next day. Also hoping to see the smiling face of PM at least once in my life time.

I lied there at the bed, with eyes tightly closed, hoping to get the blessings of sleep angel soon. But it seemed like sleep angel got stuck up somewhere in the traffic jam and is getting late. I thought since my decision was all of a sudden, body and mind will take some time to get cop up with that. Time was scrolling slow like anything. I was wondering when the traffic jam will get clear for the sleep angel to come and hit me. I crawled inside the blanket, turned myself down, then up, then left, right. Still of no use. The screens of Eclipse and Flex Builder was flashing in my mind. Oh God!!! Not now. Am already fed up with that screens. Give me a Kit Kat break,, please… Thinking that it’s more than one hour I spent at bed, I looked the watch just to see that it’s only 15 minutes. The watch showed me its only 9.45 and laughed at me. It was telling, ‘see, here is the great PK who want to make his life disciplined’.

I was learning how difficult it is to bring discipline to our lives. But is it worth to take all these difficulties? What’s bad with the current routine? What will I do more if I reach one hour early? Just to avoid the staring of the PM, should I take this much risk? Let him stare. It’s his eyes and he can do anything with that 😛 . Wait!!! Why am I thinking all these things? Okay, that’s it. I am not mentally prepared for this great change.

Minutes later, I was sitting at my living room, reading ‘white tiger‘. And the same watch, which laughed at me some time before, was moving even faster and it was showing 1 o’ clok. As usual next day my card got swiped exactly at 10AM. 😛

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